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Water Heater Installation in Fullerton

Time to Replace Your Water Heater? We Can Help.

There is nothing like a long, warm bath to relax after work or a hot shower to wake you up in the morning. A water heater is an integral part of any American home, which is why you need to carefully select the right water heater for your home. The experienced plumbers at Code Plus Plumbing, Inc. can assist you in finding a water heater for your home or business. We offer a wide variety of water heating systems, from conventional tanks to tankless water heaters.

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What to Look for in a Water Heater

Our plumbers can fully explain your options and answer any questions you may have regarding water heater installation in Fullerton. We can even perform a capacity test to determine the right size water heater for your home!

Consider the following when selecting a water heater:

  • Gallon capacity
  • Cost & efficiency
  • Environmental impact
  • General water usage needs

Ready to make your selection? Our trained plumbers can also install your new water heater for you!

Need Water Heater Maintenance in Fullerton?

If your water heater is not hot enough or you notice minor hissing sounds and leaks, this may be a sign of a much-needed repair and/or maintenance. The plumbers at Code Plus Plumbing, Inc. each have 15 years' experience in water heater repair. We can thoroughly examine the problem and offer cost-effective repairs if possible. In other cases, it may be more affordable for you to simply replace your water heater if the damages are too severe.

Remodeling your home or business? Our plumbers can also provide water heater relocation if you need your water heater moved!

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